Fantastic News!

Today is a very good day! This morning I had an appointment with my sports medicine doctor and I received some excellent news about my fractured L3…

Well, it has healed – two weeks ahead of schedule. After some tests and movement analysis, my doctor has given me the all-clear. So this means I can get back to yoga and really go full-steam ahead with training for the upcoming spring and early summer racing season.

Even better news is that my bone density scan revealed very positive results regarding my bone strength. There was some concern that I might have osteoporosis – but the bone density scan has revealed that my bones are actually stronger than average.

All of this news gives much some extreme confidence in my body and overall health. There will be no lingering thoughts in my head when I start the cyclo-cross season in September that my back is not ready for the impacts of cyclo-cross racing.

A good day indeed! 2012 is looking better and better each week.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic News!

    • Thanks Paul!

      Hopefully you and I can get out together on the mountain bikes this summer so I can learn some skills from you.

      Hope you’re doing well.

      cheers, vicki

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