Still Angry

I’m angry and I really don’t know what to do about it. Earlier this week we learned that Steven Cozza of Team NetApp was forced to end his cycling career. Steven Cozza has ulcerative colitis and has been trying to live the life of a professional athlete with this disease. From what I can understand from the article and his Tweets, Steven has been dealing with a rotten ulcerative colitis flare for a long time.

I feel for Steven. I’ve never met Steven but I can empathize and understand what he is going through. It is damn frustrating and very disheartening to read of someone who has to put their life on hold for this damn disease. I don’t know why but this news has hit me hard – I suppose it is because people like Steven who had “done it” and were “doing it” are a big example to me and remind me that even with a bad gut and angry colon – a full life can be enjoyed.

I really hope that Steven can get on top of his ulcerative colitis and get back to normal life. Sometimes life is so damn unfair. All the best Steven – I’m rooting for you and sending you some powerful healing thoughts.

I have a feeling this anger will be channeled into my pedals today. Too bad Steven can’t do the same.

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