Lucky Life

I just got in from my first outdoor ride of the season. What a day! Brilliant blue sky and a very warm sun. It was the perfect day to be outside riding a bike. Even better was that I was able to ride with Marc’s team and get in a solid long ride. It was one of those days we dream of all winter – out riding with a good group of people and just enjoying it all. (Admittedly the crosswinds weren’t so enjoyable…)

Today’s ride just reminded me how darn lucky I am. Really fortunate to be able to take an entire Sunday and just ride. There was no rushing to get out the door or to be back home at a specific time. We rode when the weather was perfect and had a nice little chat at the coffee shop. With the wind at our backs on the way home there were moments when everything was effortless.

Yes, very lucky. Very lucky indeed.

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