Making A Classic Mistake

It happens every season and this year it happened yesterday. I ate my normal breakfast of late (smoothie with chia seeds, flax seeds, Bioflavia, maca powder, spinach, frozen raspberries, frozen banana and almond milk). Then around 11:30 I ate my typical lunch of a big veggie stir-fry, some celery and carrot sticks and an orange. Perfect – the food was super tasty, I felt satiated and ready-to-go.

A couple hours after lunch I hit the open road for my ride. About 30 minutes before my ride, I ate a package of Clif Bloks. Wednesday was threshold interval day and the first time doing “longish” threshold intervals. The first ten minute interval went well – as hard as a threshold interval should be. In the second interval I faded at the three minute to go mark with a bit of a resurgence in the last minute. Then it was a 45-minute ride home into a headwind.

By the time I got home I was wiped out. It was a bit chilly yesterday and rather windy (thank you small ring!) – so I attributed the fatigue to the weather combined with the intensity of the ride.

I had big plans for my post-ride afternoon, well needless to say I didn’t get anything ticked off my “to do” list… Instead I felt draggy, wiped out and darn right rotten. I attributed this to the work-out intensity. Marc believed otherwise. After asking me what I ate (oh I did have a Luna bar when I got home) he determined that I was under-fueled and particularly in the carbohydrate department. Of course – I did not agree. With no energy to cook supper I zipped off to Farm Boy to pick up some pre-made food (actually pretty good because you can read all of the ingredients) – Marc gave me strict instructions to get something carby…

After eating a quinoa salad and assorted roasted vegetables and then some trail mix – I felt remarkably better. In fact I stayed up until 11:00 and was full of energy…

Yes, it happens every year. I neglect to look at the ride I have to do and eat to fuel this ride. Eating on a recovery day or an easy day is not the same as eating for a longer ride or more intense ride. One year I’ll remember this lesson and not suffer the rather unpleasant crash and energy dip.

(Oh and about the trail mix – it was so good. All sorts of nuts, Smarties, raisins, and chocolate chips. Lets just say I ate more than one serving…)

So, learn from my mistakes. Eat. Eat again. And eat some more.