Sponsor Spotlight: Lolë

Live Out Loud Everyday. This is the essence and mantra that Lolë is built around. Designing and creating clothing for real women that allows us to look and feel our best each and every day. The refreshing thing about this Canadian company is that they do more than sell clothes.

This is a company that is truly invested in being part of the community and showing women how we can all get the most out of life. The company celebrates achievement of all kinds and is committed to doing its part to make the world a better place. This might sound like lofty words for a clothing company – but this is the truth when it comes to Lolë.

It is for these very reasons (and of course, the darn fine clothes) that I’m very proud to be sponsored by Lolë and to represent the company as a Lolë ambassador. I’ve been part of the Lolë team for less than a year and so far everyone I’ve met and connected with through this company has been top-notch. From attending Lolë meet-ups to meeting company representatives, I’ve been impressed with every aspect of the company.

As for the clothes? Well the clothes are fantastic. They are designed for real women to wear – which means that us cyclists with muscles in our legs and bums can fit easily into their pants, capris and shorts. The tops come in a range of flattering cuts so whether you like a v-neck, scoop or round neck – you’ll find tops that have you looking your best. Many thanks to Lolë for keeping me looking good off the bike!

To learn more about this Quebec-based company, watch a couple of these videos:

Under An Eternal Sky

2011 Earth Hour Celebration

Visit Lolë’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date with new product arrivals, meet-ups and community involvement.

Live Out Loud Everyday: this sums up what I try to do each and everyday. Thanks Lolë for the support and for the belief in my dreams and goals.

One thought on “Sponsor Spotlight: Lolë

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