Fun On Two Wheels

I’m sitting here one day after my first time on a BMX bike and I’m still buzzing. I had so much fine riding the BMX track in the east end of the city. It was a blast. I know my skills have a long way to go and I certainly wasn’t riding fast – but I sure did feel like a kid again.

Leaning the bike into the big corners. “Flying” over the rollers and jumps – it was so much fun.

A big thanks to Jorg and Derek for the advice, patience, loaner bike and for being so welcoming. I have to say everyone I’ve met in the local BMX community has been awesome. Really reminds me of the local cyclo-cross community. A group of people out having fun on bikes and supporting one another while doing it.

I’m super excited to get out again and work on my BMX skills. I think I’m even going to do some BMX racing this summer!

Bikes rule!