Slowly But Surely

Well, my last post really wasn’t all that positive… There are good days and there are bad days. I think the worst thing is watching everyone I know getting out and enjoying riding their bikes, running, and generally doing all the “stuff” I want to do. This is the first time in many many years that I haven’t planned out my cyclo-cross racing schedule, booked hotels, arranged for a car and bought plane tickets to the early season World Cups.

But you know what – this is okay. It sucks. But it is okay. I will get better. I will be out there again. Just not this year. Instead I’ll be traveling to races with Marc – I’ll bring my cyclo-cross bike and get out for a few laps before and after his races. I’ll be cheering him on and cheering you on. I may not be out there racing and training with you but I’ll definitely be there in spirit.

This week I’ve learned the hard way that I need to rest. Riding seven days in a row is not possible – even seven days in a row at and easy pace. So this weekend, I’m not riding. I’m resting and letting my body and soul recover so I can ride to and from work everyday this week. It is hard to not be riding but I have to look forward. I can’t ride today but I can ride tomorrow.

I must admit I’m not sure what I will do with this space… Normally I write about my training, my racing, my crazy brain, and all the bits in between. Now I’m not sure what I should do here. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? I’m thinking of getting some guest writers – do you ride bikes? do you race cyclo-cross? do you race road? do you do epic road or mountain bike rides? do you want to write a blog post and have it posted here? do you have photos of a race or ride and want to show them off? do you have a rant about cycling that you want to share? do you have a story to tell? Let me know – I’m serious here – this is a community after all and it would be great to have more than one voice heard…

Alright, time for you to get off the computer and get out and enjoy the day. I’m going to finish reading the newspaper and then hit up the yoga mat for some strength building. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up the bicycle paths bright and early for my commute to Kanata – if you see me on the Corkstown bicycle path wave and say hello! Have a great day. I know I will.