Green Mountain Cyclo-Cross Weekend

In a nutshell: a fantastic weekend.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel being at one of my favourite race venues/courses and not being able to race. But you know what? It was okay. I had a good time. In fact it was a really good time. I was able to stay super-relaxed and just let the day happen. This was perfect for Marc – we only had to focus on his race and there wasn’t the usual chaos after his race and getting ready for my race. Marc was able to totally focused on his needs (as was I). This allowed Marc to get in some good recovery rides both day with Steve and to just be super chilled out in the evenings and before his races. (Not to mention it was easier to pack and transport two bikes than four!)

We arrived early enough both days that I was able to watch the Womens 3/4/Masters race. This was so much fun. This is where I started racing and I truly enjoy watching these women race. The category is always full of women of all abilities who are out racing their hardest. I see more smiles and pain faces in this race than I do in any other. And it seems like these athletes really appreciate the cheering and words of encouragement more than any other category. Both days I zipped around taking photos of the women and just generally having a good time. It was very nice to see Cathy (she also had a good ride on Sunday) have a great ride on Saturday and nice to see some women who were further back on Saturday race at the front of the race on Sunday. It just goes to show you that every day is different and you simply can’t assume that because the first day of double-header weekend didn’t go “your way” that the second day will be more of the same.

I posted a bunch of photos up on Facebook. But I thought I’d post a couple of my favourites here:

Apart from watching the racing – the highlight was to catch up with all my friends. I’ve made some amazing friends over the years thanks to cyclo-cross and it is primarily at these races that I get to chat and hang out with them. It was so refreshing to see such friendly faces and to hear some awesome words of encouragement regarding my health. Race day is a crazy day and it was so super special for you guys to take the time to ask how I was doing and how I was feeling – thank you!

As well, I have to say that I just really like Vermont – particularly the Burlington area. It kind of felt like a mini-vacation to get away from Ottawa for the weekend and just be out in nature for two days at the Catamount Outdoor Center.

Yes, all in all – a great weekend. I must admit I was exhausted by the end of both days and I didn’t even pedal a bike! Amazing what a day of being outside will do for you (all good in my opinion).

Up next is a local race for Marc in Calabogie and then we’re off to Gloucester, Mass. for a big weekend of racing. Gloucester will always have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to get out there and cheer Marc and everyone else on.

One thought on “Green Mountain Cyclo-Cross Weekend

  1. Your cheering both days was much appreciated! When I was doing well, you were there helping me to do better. When I wasn’t having my best day, you were there, helping me to get through and sty focused! Great photos, and as always, so good to see you and Marc! And we get to see you again in less than two weeks – hooray!

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