Looking Ahead

I kind of thought my racing days were over… but it turns out they aren’t…

These last few weeks I’ve been spending time riding the trainer and watching many programs on Netflix – and this has resulted in lots of time to think. All of this riding in place has made me realize how much I miss structured training, setting goals, and challenging myself.

I’ve decided that I’m not ready to stop racing. I had so much fun racing in the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series this year and I want to experience these sensations again next year. The difference being I want to be racing with fitness and strength.

It has been a long time since I’ve “trained”. Since April all I’ve been doing is riding my bike to and from work and then racing cyclocross on Sundays. I know from these last few weeks of trainer time that I have a lot of work to do.

But this is okay. I’m mentally and physically ready for this. I want to race again so I’m willing to do the work to get me ready for it.

My racing plans are pretty simple for the upcoming season: race the occasional road race, race the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series, and do some cyclocross races in New England. Amongst this I plan to spend lots of time on my new mountain bike (maybe do some four or six hour mountain bike races), participate in Rideau Lakes and do the Tuesday night trail runs in the Gatineau Park.

I thought I was done with racing but I’ve realized that I need to finish racing on my terms – not because I’m sick or injured.

(Now I’d like some real snow to fall so I can get out and ski and make use of my brand new snowshoes.)

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