Making The Best Of It

After a late night out with friends I was up early to gobble down a very tasty smoothie (thanks to my brand new Vitamix!) and make the drive out to trusty P10 in the Gatineau Park for a three hour ski… Things kind of got a bit scattered after this…

Good: homemade almond milk, ground flax seed, avocado, banana, frozen cherries and cocoa powder. Turned into smoothie magic  in less than 30 seconds thanks to my new Vitamix.

Not The Greatest: rather frosty outside this morning hovering between -15 and -18 depending on where I was. Oh well, I’ve got lots of good ski clothing – I’ll be fine.

Bit Of A Bummer: arrived at P10 by 8 a.m. to discover that I had left my ski gloves at home. I had my liners but not my trusty lobster gloves. With the temperature at -18, the liners weren’t enough. Turn the car around and drive home.

Things Get A Bit Brighter: while pondering the location of my lobster gloves and wondering what I would do for my training today, I saw something pretty awesome. A rainbow. A rainbow in March is not something we see often here.

Looking Up: arrive home to a my favourite guy laughing at me and reminding me that it is March – not a big deal if I don’t get the three hour ski in today. To soothe myself I whipped out the Vitamix and made some almond butter. Amazingly fresh and tasty almond butter in 90 seconds. Toss in a mug of Earl Grey Tea and the day was looking good.

Smiles All Around: decided to pull on my running gear and hit the suburban streets. You  might be wondering why I didn’t get on the trainer – well my coach didn’t want me to be riding the trainer today. He said it is a long time until the season starts and he doesn’t want me getting bored of riding and training inside. No problems with that. I got in a good dose of Vitamin D – let my mind go and ran around like a little kid.

All Is Good Again: stretch, hot shower and some lunch and now it is time for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I’m off to Simply Raw Express this afternoon for the “kick off” for the two week Lighten Up Cleanse that starts tomorrow. Good steps forward on this Sunday.

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