My Week

This has been a tough and trying week for so many people. The events at the Boston Marathon, followed by the explosion in Texas, the death of Rita MacNeil, culminating with tension and fear in Watertown – many people would be quick to say this has been a very horrible week. I have to count myself lucky in saying that I had a very good week.

My week has been all about bike riding, relaxing and spending time with my favourite guy. Yes, this for me has been a very good week. In between lots of good long rides on my trusty road bike I’ve had a chance to simply relax. Nothing very special happened in between my many long rides. But all the small moments made for a good week:

– Many thanks to Clif Bar for the amazing box of nutrition. I cannot speak highly enough about Clif Bar and the support I receive from this company. I’ve been treated to some of Clif Bar’s new products including the new Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bars and the newest Clif Shot Blok flavour – Chocolate Cherry. If you’re looking for a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, all-natural bar to eat while riding, in-between rides or to stow in your purse/bag/jacket pocket – the Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar is the bar you need. I’ve eaten a lot of bars – and the peanut butter bar is top-notch. Easy to digest, a good flavour that is not too “peanutty” and a good texture –  the Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar is a good one. And what about the the Chocolate Cherry Clif Shot Bloks? Darn tasty! In my opinion, the combination of chocolate and cherry can’t be beat! (Now I have no excuses for not “eating enough” on my rides – as happened on Monday… I learned a hard lesson that day…)

– Reading, snoozing and chilling out. This is what I mostly did between my rides and training days. There were some long pleasant relaxing baths as well. Normally I don’t tell you about my baths… but one in particular on Thursday does deserve some attention. After talking to my coach Tucker on Thursday morning, I learned of the benefits of an ice bath… So I went for it. In two words “shockingly cold”. Getting into a bath tub filled with cold water and then having three bags of ice dumped onto my legs was not pleasant. The worst part were my feet – they are so super sensitive to cold. If Marc hadn’t been there to convince me to stay in the tub – I definitely would have gotten out. Seven minutes is a long time… After two minutes I couldn’t feel my feet (a good thing). Best quote was from Marc “I’ve never seen your legs so red”. Will I do it again? Yes, likely – particularly since I’ve learned the secret from veteran a ice bather – toe covers… Yes, my next ice bath I’ll be wearing my waterproof socks.

– One of the best parts of the week has been riding some of my favourite roads. For some of these roads, it had been over a year since I’d ridden them. Very nice to get out with my pal Vicki S. on Wednesday to show her some of my favourite roads. Could have done without the crazy headwinds but with a fierce headwind comes a friendly tailwind.

– Saturday after recovering from my hail/snow ride (it was dry when I left), I hooked up with my buddy Sheri for an afternoon of learning about a plant powered lifestyle at Plant Power Ottawa. What a great afternoon – a great talk by Dr. Michael Greger and some very inspiring words by Rich Roll. An enlightening afternoon that has sparked me to really get the most out of my body and life. Rich Roll talked about finding what it is inside yourself that gets you excited and motivated – when you discover this – do what you can to follow through on this excitement and motivation.

Today is the last day of my at-home mini training camp. The sun is out and I’m just about to head out for a ride with my friend Sally. Great way to end this very good week.

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