Even though this is a cycling-themed website, there are days when I don’t feel like writing about training, racing, recovery, etc. And I’m guessing that there are times when you really don’t have much interest in my latest ride and training effort. Lets face it, during the non-racing time of a cyclo-cross racer’s season, things can get a bit dull. Sure I’ve been out training and in the gym lifting weights – but today is not a day to get sucked into the details of this morning’s ride…

So instead, how about a general post on things that are going on and things that I’m digging right now? (More cycling-specific content is sure to show up in the coming days since I’m doing my first mountain bike race in many years on May 11…)

  • Reading: I’m reading Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. This is a fascinating book. Normally I prefer to read novels but this book is written so well and so fascinating that it is an easy read. It is shocking really to discover how things like Tang, Kraft Dinner, and Lunchables came to be. It is equally interesting to learn about the science and chemistry that goes into these food items. Also interesting is how connected food companies are to government… This is not a book that is meant to turn you off your morning bowl of Rice Krispies or turn you into a vegan – nope this book is about learning about the food industry and how we’ve become suckered into wanting more salt, sugar and fat.
  • Listening: I listen to podcasts when I ride. Currently I’m listening to a mix of NPR, CBC, Eurosports Velocast, and Rich Roll. This combination gives me a good mix of entertainment, learning, and music. I’ve recently (thanks to Marc) discovered Downcast – great way to manage my podcasts on my iPhone.
  • Eating: feels like I’m always eating! Not much new here! I love my Vitamix and I’ve become quite addicted to my daily smoothies. The only time I don’t have them for breakfast is when I’ve got a long ride planned – then I switch it up with some muesli. I’ve been making my own almond milk and almond butter – amazing how quickly I can make this and it is so nice to know exactly what is in the food I’m eating. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a “granola health nut” – I eat my share of chocolate chips from the bag, potato chips and Diet Coke (I know aspartame is bad!).
  • Happening: well this weekend I’m in Lakefield. I’m primarily here because I’m going to the Wild Rock Outfitters Women’s Night on Sunday evening. But I needed an excuse to get away from the city and hang out at my parents place anyway. I have to say the riding here is fantastic – smooth rolling roads with enough climbing to keep things interesting but not climbs that make you regret leaving the house!
  • Bikes: well, I’ve got a new mountain bike! I took it out last weekend for an easy spin. Wow those 29 inch wheels are big – do they every roll well. Admittedly my trail riding skills are rusty – but this is to be expected. I’m looking forward to racing and riding my Opus Fhast 2 this summer – I think some long rides in the Gatineau Park and a weekend away at Kingdom Trails will be good for the legs, heart and soul.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Life is simply rolling along with no unexpected interruptions – so as they say in Belgium “Alles is goed”.

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