Admittedly things have been rather quiet here lately. I guess I’m trying to figure out what to do with this space. This little spot on the WWW started as a way for me to share my cyclo-cross racing, training and associated adventures with you. But now what?

I don’t know. I guess this is all part of the grander transition that is happening right now. I’m still a cyclist and I still plan to race cyclo-cross but am I still a bike racer? Not sure.

This summer has turned into a good one and I’ve been gifted the chance to just have fun and do what I want when I want. No formal training plans. No planned out race schedule. Instead I can get up and choose to ride any of my bikes, go for a run, do some yoga, or simply chill out with a book. This is new to me.

For so long I’ve been focused on training goals and a training schedule and if I wasn’t it likely meant I was sick…

So now I’m healthy and feeling fantastic. In fact I haven’t felt this great in years. I’m having fun riding my road bike, messing around on my mountain bike, trail running with a great group of people and oddly enough I’m looking forward to ski season. I guess this is what active and fit people do – their lives aren’t constrained by training plans and schedules – rather they ride, run, ski, swim, snowshoe, chillax when and how they want.

Admittedly this is not an easy transition and I can’t just flip a switch to a relaxo mode at all times. I find myself still riding with focus on wattage and throwing in a few little efforts here and there. When I’m running I’m trying to get faster and to improve my trail running skills (I’ve even signed up for a 15km trail run at the end of the month).

The key focus for me right now is to stay healthy and to keep enjoying what I’m doing. Maybe one day I’ll get back to some focused training and set some racing or training-related goals. But for now, I’ll just keep things “light” and ride or run for the pure joy of it all.

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