Rocky Road

For some of you the title of this post might bring to mind ice cream (it kind of did for me as well)… Believe me, I’d rather be writing about ice cream and the enjoyment of said deliciousness – but I’m not. Instead, I’m just dropping in for a quick update on why I’ve been so quiet lately.

Remember four weeks or so ago when I was out doing everything? Trail running, road riding, mountain biking, yogaing – generally doing stuff and having a blast while doing it… well, things have changed a bit.

Funny thing this ulcerative colitis. One day you can be out trail running in the morning, mountain biking in the afternoon and eating good food in the evening  Then the next day – well you’re not doing any of these things.  Instead you’re thinking about toilet paper, low-residue diets, and calling your doctor. Yes, this is what has happened to me.

A couple days after I had that super fun time doing the Mad Trapper race at Camp Fortune, my body rebelled. I have no idea why or what caused it. And no, it wasn’t the run at Camp Fortune. Likely it was a result of my tapering off of prednisone – this has happened to me before during a steroid taper.

And now here I am. Some days I’ve got lots of energy so I can go out for a run or a long road ride and then there are days like yesterday and today when all I want to do is sleep. This is all very frustrating but I keep reminding myself that it could be so much worse. I’m still able to get out do the things I enjoy (just not at the same frequency or intensity and I’m not in the hospital) – so there is no point in being down about this.

So, ya,  a bit of rocky road but in no means is this a horrible terrible thing. It just is. I know that I will get better- I don’t know when or how – but I know I will.

Hmm, what else is happening? Well cyclo-cross season is almost here. Make sure you get down to The Cyclery on Friday night and register.

Okay, really that is about it for today. (I did buy a TRX and I’ll let you know how working out with this goes. Hoping to see the return of my pals Thunder and Lightening in the near future…)

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