So Proud

Some of you may know that my husband Marc Boudreau has been away for the last three weeks. My favourite guy has been in Belgium racing his cyclo-cross bike. Marc is a guy who loves to race and ride his bike. It truly is his passion and I’m so very proud of everything he has accomplished on two wheels.

It was a tough road and cyclo-cross season for Marc this past year – it is not easy to focus on your training and racing when your wife is sick. But I’m so happy he had his bicycle and his teammates to give him a break from worrying about me. His decision to travel to Belgium this year was a very late one – he didn’t want to leave me unless we were sure I’d stay in a remission.

I’m so proud of Marc. He raced seven races (I think) and had excellent results in each race. It is not easy being called up 51st out of 51 racers and riding your way to 10th place. (Imagine if he could have had a front row start!)

Marc is coming home today and I’m thrilled. While I’m super happy that he has the opportunity to travel to Belgium and race his bike – I find it hard when he is away. But considering all the years that he made sacrifices so I could chase my cyclo-cross dreams, a few weeks alone is really nothing.

Welcome home Marc! I’m so proud of you!

Here are a few photos of Marc from this season’s racing in Belgium: (Many thanks to Romina Tierlinck for the photos.)

1458481_10202637119666124_2036503871_n 1512584_10202637121586172_1116987155_n 1488319_10202637126426293_1981955667_n 994690_10202693683800192_1659879154_n 1488123_10202693685640238_1556549642_n

Many many thanks to our very good friends Rene and Ann for hosting Marc. Huge thank you to our friends Ignace and Katie for hosting Marc on his last night in Belgium. Big thank yous to our long-time friends for Tim and Jos for the ongoing friendship and open arms. Big thanks to The Cyclery for all their support – these bike racing dreams wouldn’t be possible without this outstanding bicycle shop.

4 thoughts on “So Proud

  1. Credit to Marc for his achievements, but just as you need his support in you endeavours, so too does Marc need yours. You are, tous les deux, exceptional.

  2. Thanks so much for the positive comments. Marc made it home safely yesterday – bit surprised to see the amount of snow that has fallen but otherwise happy to be here.

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