St. Donat Winter Triathlon

This past weekend saw the second year of the St. Donat Triathlon – organized by Endurance Aventure. My friend Amanda participated in the Classic Winter Triathlon and has sent along this race report.

Amanda enjoying the skate

Amanda enjoying the skate

I’m going to right to the point. The organizers\volunteers for the St.Donat Winter Triathlon hosted a fantastic, well executed and super fun event. I showed up on time, well in advance, so you know that’s going to be a good start right there.

The small quaint town has the energy that makes you feel like you should come visit, and when you do, you’re in the right place to participate in something very unique. The registration on the Friday night was quite easy, simple, even for my lack of French speaking abilities.

The morning of was beautiful. Sun beating down on the lake made for a great morning picture. The transition zone was equipped with lots of volunteers to direct us, chairs for us to properly change gear and lots of warm Gatorade type drink to keep us hydrated.

The run had a nice little fun start by doing a nice little loop on the lake, then we headed up to the road for a few kilometers.  A nice water station at the turnaround point before you had down for the final 2.5km. Through the transition we were guided to the 800metere, BACK COUNTRY man made skating rink. Folks, this thing is the most fun I’ve ever had skating on an ice surface. With my helmet properly in place, I headed for my 1st loop. I’m like a kid in a candy store… All smiles. I was excited through all 6 loops and I was able to make up for my not so fast 5k (could of pushed harder) run. Through all of this I could hear my good friend Ronna cheering me on. Let’s not forget how important that support system is.

Amanda and Ronna

Amanda and Ronna

I’m ready for the ski, or at least I think I am. Thanks to Deanna for reminding me that this is the FUN part. That nice 2.5km climb made me think different, but I managed to get through and actually started to enjoy the descent. Again, a nice back country trail that was sorta groomed (I think)! That was definitely the hardest part for me, but I am so grateful for all the training thus far. I believe I heard my friend Isabelle cheering loudly in my ear, all the way from Gatineau. 

I have to say that if you are going to try a Winter Triathlon, go to St.Donat. Everything is so well laid out, and although not knowing French can be challenging at times, people are always great in answering questions that you may have. I for one am very happy with the day, the support from my friends, family and all the teachers who have helped me along the way.


The beautiful skate section

The beautiful skate section

Thanks Amanda for the great race report – sounds like it is an event to put on the calendar for next season.

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