Roller Coaster Living

Roller coasters are kind of awesome. You get the rush and the thrill of the steep climbs and the heart in your throat feeling of the speeding descents and tight corners. The rush, excitement, fear and thrill all add up to a massive blast of adrenaline. This is kind of how I think life should be. There are ups which can be challenging – likely a bit scary but overall you come out on top and a better person for these challenges. The descents and tight curves remind you that life is for the living and each day must be seized and enjoyed.

I get worried and concerned when the thrill of the roller coaster ride is gone. This is when each day seems to be the same. There is nothing to look forward to. Nothing to kick you out of bed in the morning.

What I think is important to realize is that this roller coaster approach to life doesn’t need to be one that is filled with the biggest and most scariest roller coasters in the amusement park. Little tiny roller coasters are just fine. A ferris wheel kind of day is great as well. Throw in some bumper car weekends and you’re really getting it.

I used to think I was wasting my days if they weren’t jam-packed with big rides and all the candy floss I could eat. Now I’m learning the benefit and gift of the kiddy rides and the smaller roller coasters. Realizing that the so-called smaller things in life  really add up to the big thrills and chills.


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