Lost In The Woods

You never think it’s going to happen and when it does happen, well, it’s really not that awesome. I was out on my Saturday morning trail run and things went a little bit off course…. (Or I suppose I should rewrite that – I went a little off course.)

I started out from Stony Swamp P11 on Hunt Club Rd. with the intention of running over to P8 and then out to the Lime Kiln trails for some exploring and then back again. My watch was set to buzz at 40 minutes and I’d turn around. I did a very similar run last week so I was confident with the area.

All was going just great – beauty of a day, feet were ticking over nicely and I felt great. At about 36 minutes in, I followed a trail into a dark stand of fir trees. I ran along what I thought was a trail. And then I realized that I couldn’t really make out the trail. No worries, I’d just turn around and head back. Problem was when I turned around, I couldn’t decipher the trail from the natural terrain. I wandered around in that stand of trees for what felt like a really long time.

I looked for familiar markings. I took deep breaths. I wondered if I should call Marc. Finally I walked out into a bunch of tall grass and decided to call Marc. Luckily he was home. And thanks to the power of modern technology, I was able to get out of the mess I was in. But it wasn’t easy, I had to plow my own trail  through tall grass, a bog, trees, and bushes. At one point I came to another stand of trees and someone had built a sort-of lean-to in the trees – this was reassuring but also a bit odd.

Admittedly even with the compass and map on my iPhone, I did make a few wrong turns. After looking at the map when I got in, I realized that rather than tromping through the bush for close to 40 minutes, there was a trail very close to where I started (the trail I ran in on).

But all is well. Mega thanks to Marc for getting me out of there. I was doing my best not to panic, but geez, it’s really hard not to panic and start to make rash decisions.

In the end I came out on one of the main trails that I ran in on and then simply ran back to the car. Quite the adventure! My legs are a bit scratched up but otherwise, I’m completely fine.

If you’re curious about what I ended up doing, take a look at the Strava file. You’ll see on the map a bunch of squiggles – this is me walking around trying to find my way out (before calling Marc).


(I’ve decided the best way to spend the rest of Saturday is on the front step with my book, some soda water, a wee bit of chocolate and the old grey cat!)

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