That Was Fun

Alicia having fun. (Thanks to An Vo for the photo.)

Alicia having fun. (Thanks to An Vo for the photo.)

As the saying goes: All good things must come to a close. And this most definitely rings true for the Eastern Ontario Cyclo-Cross Series. Sunday marked the last race of the season and it was a good one. Racers lined up at Upper Canada Village on a rather chilly and “almost winter” day to race on a course that had a bit of everything: barriers, uphill running, fun switchbacks, twists and turns, pavement, long climbs, and a good blast of wind. I was impressed with how many people came out to race on a day that would have been equally well spent sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book.

I didn’t get to race yesterday but I got to do the next best thing: cheer and hang out with cool ‘cross racers.

One of the best things about this season for me has been the weekly ‘cross clinics/practices that a few dedicated women came out to every week. These ladies indulged me when I made them do crazy drills like barrier dismounts/remounts with imaginary barriers or slightly tight downhill cornering drills or riding their bikes not clipped in. These ladies challenged me with excellent questions about technique, racing, and bike riding. At the end of every Thursday night session, I drove home with a big smile on my face and a brain packed with ideas for the following session.

The race on Sunday was the icing on the cake. I got to watch these women race well and with extreme confidence. It was such a treat to see their improvements and to watch them do the little things that add up to big differences over the duration of the race.

Thank-you to the Thursday night gang for a fun season. You put a big smile on my face and reminded me why I love ‘cross so much.

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