It’s About the People

Visiting Prague between a World Cup trip Photo by Gregg Germer

Visiting Prage During a Czech Republic World Cup Trip
Photo by Gregg Germer

I’ve said all along that one of the best things to come out of my years of racing cyclocross in Ottawa and in Belgium has been the people I’ve met. I’ve made some life long friends thanks to the pursuit of riding around and chasing the fun.

One of these friends is Gabby Durin. I can’t remember when I first met Gabby, I think it was likely 2008 at Overijse… I was there with Jos and I had just raced my first UCI elite women’s race. I remember the crazy intense course, the crowds, seeing Lars Boom slap his face, and the excitement of that first big race.

Over the years of racing, I got to know Gabby more and we spent some great time together in Czech Republic back in 2010 and 2011 racing the World Cups in Tabor and Plzen. A lot has changed in a few years and now Gabby is living in the United States and I’ve seen her at races in New England and in Winnipeg a few times. Through out this time, I’ve always followed her on social media and kept in touch.

On Wednesday, Gabby posted a blog post that I know was a cathartic but challenging post to write. She put herself out there and told us honestly what the last few years have been like for her. Not many people can do this. It’s easier to hide behind excuses rather than say it like it is.

I asked Gabby if I could link to her blog post because I think it is one that people should be reading and thinking about. Thank you Gabby for the honesty and for putting yourself out there – not many can – hopefully this will encourage others to do it.

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Gabby also gave a very good interview with CX Magazine: Exclusive: Gabby Durrin Talks Retirement, Battling Depression And New Chapters

Thanks Gabby for the awesome times on and off the bike. Keep smiling and living life to the max.