Cold Days

I don’t know about you but I’m about done with winter. In fact, I can honestly write that I never ever want to see a snowflake again. Yep, I’m over winter and snow. Really, not to be all negative but I simply don’t like being cold.

I like warm. I can handle humid. I’ll even take some rain. Just no snow, two hour shovelling stints and below zero days.

The one thing that is keeping me sane this winter is Zwift. Yep, I’m hooked on riding in the basement and going deep into the world of Zwift. Now I don’t do the group rides or races. I simply get on, start pedaling and do my work-out for the day. I have jumped in with a group and it’s pretty cool but if the pace is not right for me, I’m happy to wave good-bye. Along with this Zwifty riding I also use Netflix for company. Television has Zwift and the  computer monitor has Netflix.

I’ve pedaled through a lot of excellent programming this winter. In case you’re interested, here are some good programs to fill the trainer time (or treadmill time):

  • Happy Valley – excellent British police drama. I really hope there is a second season.
  • Dicte – top-notch Danish police drama.
  • Last Tango in Halifax – funny and honest British drama that shows life like it is.
  • Wallander – this is an excellent Swedish police/crime show. The episodes are long and there are only three per season. Can be a bit more gruesome than Canadian programming but, this aside, it’s good watching.
  • I’ve also watched a bunch of documentaries: Cowspiracy, Mission Blue, Searching for Sugarman, Clean Spirit, Pantani,  and Stop at Nothing.
  • For movies, I’ve watched: Life of Pi (second time watching this), McFarland (kind of cheesy but good),  and Margin Call (if you watched The Big Short you’ll enjoy this).

In between this riding, I’ve been relaxing with my increasing pile of colouring books and trying out new recipes. I’ve just done a four week gluten-free challenge/test to see how if I feel any differently without gluten in my body. Well, I think I do. We went to Albany, NY on Thurs/Fri and I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and this included some regular bread and some gluten-laden dessert. Verdict is: I feel better without gluten in my body. And to be honest, I don’t really miss it. It makes it so much easier to avoid the office temptations (I have an extreme weakness for crackers…). The only things I do miss are my favourites at our local Greek restaurant, but I can adjust.

During this gluten-free test I also learned that my iron is quite low (8)… But because I’m not anemic, my doctor really isn’t concerned. Well, I’m concerned so I’m also trying to get this number to get into the solid double digits. As a result I’ve been experimenting with teff (high in iron), adding in more lentils, paying attention to my Vitamin C, eating pumpkin seeds, and mixing up my greens (forgot how much I enjoy Swiss Chard and have started using Collard Greens for my wraps). I’m also taking a liquid iron supplement and making sure I’m getting lots of liquid Vitamin D and B12.

If you’re curious about some of the recipes I’ve been trying out and have on my list to try, here you go:

That’s about it from me. Oh and to keep warm I’m enjoying Crio Bru and turmeric milk (find the recipe on Natasha Kyssa’s Facebook page – lots of other excellent recipes there as well).

Well, for all you winter fans – I hope you’re having an excellent winter. I’m having a good one as well – it’s just an indoor winter rather than an outdoor winter.


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