Long Time

Gosh, it’s been a while. Time flies.

Not much happening really. Riding my bike in the basement. I’m enjoying the new Zwift mountain courses. Makes me think of the big mountains I rode up last summer. Soon one day again…. I’ve been outside twice so far this year – yes, much less than most of the hardy and tough Ottawa cyclists. But, you know what – I don’t like riding outside when it’s below zero. The basement is cozy and warm.

I watched an excellent film/documentary that I think you should watch: The Barkley Marathons. I’ve read a lot about this really crazy but oh so awesome running event and watching the documentary really inspired me. (No, it didn’t inspire me to start running again…) Rather it reminded me to never get complacent. To never be happy with what I have accomplished and think more about what I want to accomplish. Even if you don’t like sports or running – you’ll still enjoy this documentary/film. It’s got it all. Hopefully it will give you a nudge to do that thing you’ve been thinking about.

I’m getting on a plane in a couple of days. Off to England for a short trip. It’ll be good.

My plan for when I return on April 1 is that the snow will be gone and I can really get outside consistently to put in some long km’s on the bicycle.

In other late breaking news – I’m back eating meat again. Yep. Had an amazing coconut beef curry stew this evening. I bought some most excellent pasture-raised beef from Kitley Beef Farm – and it is meat I can feel very good about eating. I’m not becoming a full-on carnivore – more like a “if I feel like eating meat, I will” eater. This will be best for my health moving forward and to be honest – I missed eating meat.

Hmm, what else? Nothing really. Hoping to be ready for the start of Ottawa training criterium season. It’s been a while since I’ve raced a criterium but I’ll give it a go every other week and see what happens.

As the saying goes “you’ll never know if you don’t try”….


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