One Week

One more week to go. Wow, time does zip along. I’ve been doing my best to maximize the summer, knowing that August 8 would come quickly.

Now I’ve got one more week before my surgery.

I’m feeling pretty much okay. Some days totally cool and comfy with the changes I’ll be facing. And other days I’m working hard to not freak out. I tell myself this is normal. Of course, I don’t really know since there is no real “preparation” for something like this. The medical details are all taken care of. But the emotional/mental details are really up to me to figure out.

Fortunately I’ve connected with quite a few people who are living very full lives with an ileostomy. These people are my touchstones, reminding me that life will be good. I also remind myself that this surgery is very common (more common than we realize).

Post-surgery, I’m most looking forward to knowing that Marc doesn’t need to live with this disease anymore. It might appear that I’m the only one who has been impacted by ulcerative colitis for the past seven years, but the truth is Marc has been equally hurt by it. Marc has been living with stress, worry and residual fatigue and I’ll be so very happy to see this lifted from his shoulders.

After my surgery on August 8, I’ve got a few goals to motivate me (yes, you know me – always with the goals):

  1. Out of the hospital in five days.
  2. Be ready for a fun weekend at the cottage on Labour Day weekend.
  3. Ready to full take in the Adele concert in Montreal on September 28. (Fourth row tickets!!!)
  4. Get back to real training in October.
  5. Get in a few very easy cyclocross races.
  6. Make sure Marc gets to Belgium for a great season of cyclocross racing.

I think six is enough. I’ve listed them in chronological order but not necessarily in order of importance…

So now I’ve got one week. Three days of work left. One “A” crit to watch. One last meal at the Green Door. One last bike commute to the office. A few fun rides planned. One 12 year wedding anniversary to celebrate. (I think this adds up to a pretty great week.)




2 thoughts on “One Week

  1. Hi Vicky. It’s Shelinda. Been thinking of you & listening to the Hip. What music does to bring us back to the past.
    Be well friend. xo

    • HI Shelinda, wow so fantastic to hear from you. Yes, most definitely watching The Hip last night brought back some very strong memories. This band really saw us through. I’m doing better every day. I hope you are well. Time passes but the good memories never fade.

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