One Special Sunday in October

Last Sunday, I posted this on Instagram:

And so, I raced. And it was awesome. I had so much fun. It was truly epic with the mid-race downpour that changed all the lines and corners. The people out cheering were top-notch. Marc riding around the course encouraging me was worth a couple thousand watts.

It was so special to be out racing in the Eastern Ontario Cyclo-Cross Series. This series sparked my love for cyclocross and bikes a very long time ago and it felt so good to be back racing with a superb community of folks.

After the race, Marc and I were in the car driving home and I started reading to him what I wrote on Instagram that morning. And something unexpected happened… my voice cracked, my eyes welled up and I started crying. I had no idea this would happen.

Turns out that race in Cornwall, Ontario at Lamoureux Park on October 16, 2016 might have been the most special one yet.

2 thoughts on “One Special Sunday in October

    • It was a super special day. I’m feeling pretty fortunate right now. Thanks for the good vibes. I hope you’re racing as well!

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