So Fortunate

I’m sitting in my favourite chair in my very comfortable house. Calvin the cat is chilling out in a sun puddle. I’m healthy. Marc is healthy.

And I’m finally appreciating how fortunate we are.

This morning and last night I was all levels of angry.

I neglected to realize the good that has happened since January 1, 2017:

  • Calvin was saved by an amazing team of veterinarians. He is going to be just fine. In fact right now, he’s chilled out purring in a sun puddle.
  • Marc and I are not injured. We are okay. We could have been terribly injured last night when our car was hit-from-behind.

Yes, it sucks that we had to go through the stress over the weekend with Calvin and not knowing if he’d be okay.

Yes, it is terribly rotten that our car is likely a write-off and that we won’t get much money for it from the insurance.

But Calvin is healthy. Marc is healthy. I’m healthy.

We have a nice house. We have jobs. We can buy a new car. We have a strong network of friends and supportive family. We are not alone.

This wasn’t bad luck. It was good luck. Good luck saved Calvin and protected us from serious injury.

Thanks 2017, this is going to be a good year. I can feel it.


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