Quiet Times

This old space has been pretty quiet of late. I suppose it’s the sign of the times. We’re just rolling along here with not much exciting or crazy happening.

So yeah, really what can I tell you? We have a  new-to-us car. The old Matrix was too banged up to be repaired. Strange but I was quite sad about losing that car. It was my first brand new car. We had some great adventures in it. But our new car holds just as much (if not more) promise. For something different we went with a navy blue Matrix (our other one was light blue). This one has all the bells and whistles – in stark contras to the old one which even had wind-down/up windows. I’m partial to the heated driver’s seat….

Marc is recovering well from his concussion. He’s in the last throes of recovery and from what we’ve been told this can be the longest block of the recovery process. It’s kind of a day-by-day thing and I don’t think it can be understood or appreciated unless you’re living it. In fact, I know that I really don’t have a full appreciation for it, since I’m just a bystander to this process. There are good days and not-so-good days. But the key is that the momentum is forward.

Hmm, what else? I just finished reading Big Little Lies, which if it wasn’t for the Twitterverse, I would never have read. But ask and you shall receive. I asked for book recommendations and when two people came back with this one, I went for it. It’s good. I enjoyed it. Just perfect for what I needed. Now I’m reading a Margaret Drabble novel – I can’t even remember the name. I think it’s her latest. I think she has a lot of novels. This is my first Drabble.

Really, that’s all that is or isn’t happening. Life is bumping along with a few normal life hiccups but nothing super startling or shocking. Just the way it should be. Not that I don’t want the rainbows, unicorn, and glitter but it all has it’s time and place and right now, I’m happy with a good slice of cake, a mocha with extra whip, Calvin craziness, and quality time with my favourite guy. Really, this is pretty much rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. So yeah, good.

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