This, That, And The Other Thing

Just sitting here drinking a diet Dr. Pepper (I know, the horror of it all) and felt the urge to tap the keyboard. I just finished baking two loaves of dark chocolate bread. Geez does the house ever smell amazing. I think this bread will be ideal for a peanut butter and banana sandwich… someone doesn’t agree. Oh well, more for me.

So tough couple of weeks really. Some days I just don’t want to read any news or check the social accounts. Frankly, some days the social accounts feel more anti-social than social.

I can’t stop reading about the Harvey Weinstein situation. I was the same with the Jian Gomeshi revelations. And with the revelations coming out of Uber. I don’t know what the solution is. But I do know that I’ve worked at too many companies where it’s an anything goes environment when it comes to men commenting on women. I’ve heard things that I can’t forget. I wonder what would have happened if I’d said similar back or if a male colleague had walked by a group of women in the office and heard similar discussions about his appearance or rating.

Somehow change has to happen. I don’t know how. Perhaps we have to look to the young men and women who will be our future leaders for change? Really, there has to be something. As humans we have extreme capabilities to be horrible to one another.

Kindness goes a long way. Taking a moment to pause before saying what’s on the tongue. Thinking about how you would feel if you knew someone was talking about you they way you are of them. Remembering that people are just people. Everyone is trying to figure this life thing out. And if there is one thing that was hammered home this week is that life is freaking short.

Wednesday was tough. Thursday was as well. Last night we watched Long Time Running. Wow. What a band. These men really lost a true friend and an upstanding human being. Over the past few days I’ve read a lot about Gord Downie. I wish I’d met him in person. Just to say “Thank You”. The band, the sound, the lyrics were so different than anything else I’d heard. Up To Here was a game-changer for me. I didn’t know it then but it told me that it’s going to be okay. Do your thing. It gave me an idea that there was something else out there.

The other day on CBC Radio 2, Pete Morey, said of Gord Downie, “he lived more in the last two years of his life than some people will live in a lifetime”.

This struck a chord. So now what? Can we all do the same? Can we all grab onto something and make a difference? What does this even mean to make a difference? These are the questions that I’m not sure really have answers. I think the key, for me, at least is to know that at the end of each day, I tried. I tried to be a good human. Whatever that meant on that day – I tried to do it.

To end on something positive, I just finished reading a tremendous novel titled The Last Wave. It’s a must read. It hits all the notes. I can’t really summarize this book because it’s good. It’s up there with my favorites: The Poisonwood Bible, The Cellist of Sarajevo, and Olive Kitteridge.

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