Turning a Corner

A few weekends ago, I felt like I had turned a corner with my health. But, I didn’t want to jinx my good fortune with being overly optimistic. So I held back.

I really tried not to cram too much into my days. To not get over zealous with my happily reawakened energy and spirit.

Good news – it wasn’t a fluke. I truly am feeling so much more like my regular self. I don’t have the same super high energy levels I had in 2017 and before the year that was 2018 – but I’m much closer than I’ve been in a long while.

I’m riding my bike regularly. I’m getting out on my fat bike on the good winter days. I’m back to yoga. I’m back to lifting weights. I’m back to my drawing. I’m getting out and seeing friends. I have the attention span to focus on reading again.

I’m no longer spending hours just sitting. I’m behind on my Netflix watch list. I’ve got lots of unread articles open in my multiple browser windows.

So yeah, a corner has been turned. Thank goodness. It’s a relief really. As a chronically ill person, I sometimes doubt my ability to get out of the malaise and lingering sensations of feeling unwell.

I know well enough now to be tread lightly and to not go bonkers with doing stuff.

On another note, in a few weeks I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m going to be speaking at Bushtukah’s SWEET night on March 31st.

This means I’ve been spending lots of time writing my speech, practicing my speech, and rewriting my speech. I’m super honoured and a little freaked out about speaking to 500 women. But, I know it’s a super beneficial experience – for me and the naked women sitting in the audience.

Learn more about Sporty Women Encouraging and Empowering Together (SWEET) and buy your tickets. If you come out, definitely grab me before or after my talk to say hi and chat.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got. I hope things are going as well with you as they are for me right now. Fingers crossed we can all be so fortunate.

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