Breathing In

I’ll just come out and say it –  the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and emotion. And it won’t slow down for a couple more weeks.

No complaints with the whirlwind of activity or emotions. These, are I think what keeps life interesting and thriving.

This past weekend kicked off the start of the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series. Wow – what a day. There were so many people out racing – Upper Canada Village felt like it was vibrating with excitement and energy.

My highlight was seeing Marc race. Some of you know that Marc has had some health struggles lately. So to have Marc back on his bike giving his all really was very emotional for me. Seeing him ride up the hill had me both cheering and trying to fight back tears of happiness, relief, and love.

The other highlight of the day was chatting with the women who came out to my beginner ‘cross clinic. Hearing the race stories and answering questions about how to  adjust for the next race really does put a funny feeling in my stomach.

So  yes – ‘cross is back and it’s awesome.  I’m still hoping to do five races this season – I  know nothing like my old racing season but, this year the timing has been a bit funky for me.

On Friday I’m having a gum graft done – not awesome. Thank goodness for anesthetic.

Then on October 8th, I’m having the cataract in my left eye removed. Hooray! The original surgery date was November 5th, but I  lucked out with an earlier date.

I  have no idea when I’ll be able to race or even ride after the cataract surgery.  But this is okay.  Priority is in getting my vision fixed and sorted. Bikes will always be there.

The crazy whirlwind busyness that I’ve been in lately has helped the busy noisy brain resurface. This is something  I thought I had under control… nope.

So in an effort to bring things back down and release the noise between my ears,  I’m  trying out Bullet Journalling. I bought a book about it – so I could learn the ins and outs and bought an official Bullet Journal.

At first glance, this seems like a good system. There are lots of “rules” and “guidelines” but I feel confident I can mold these to fit the practicalities of my  day-to-day.

If you see Marc at the ‘cross race in Carp this weekend –  give him a hug or a squeeze on the arm – it means a lot to have people looking out for you.