Eyeball Count-Down Is On


Not many people would look forward to cataract surgery – but I’m not most people. Can I just tell you how much I wish I could speed up time and make it October 22nd?

My surgery was supposed to have happened already…. but an eye surgeon with the flu is not optimal. So here I am, counting down to the 22nd.

My eye is not great. But fingers crossed, it will be better very soon. I know it’s a minor inconvenience compared to what so many people are dealing with, but this funky eye is having a big impact on my life.

No driving after dusk. Terrible depth perception. Headaches. Inability to work a full day. A very tired right eye. And plain old frustration.

Again, minor things in the grand scheme.

This Sunday will very likely be my last  ‘cross race of the season. Kind of a drag since I’ve really had a lot of fun racing this year. But I don’t think racing my bike on bumpy grass and running over barriers is conducive to eyeball healing.

Not much else happening really. Just rolling along with life. Work has been busy in a very good way. I’m very fortunate to have a writing job that affords me a great deal of variety and flexibility. No two days are ever the same or boring.

I’m back to working out with my trusty TRX – seriously how can a few simple movements make it impossible to lift my arms over my head for an entire day?

Last time I wrote about Bullet Journalling. I have to say – so far so good. I’m not doing the uber-Bullet Journalling. But I’ve adopted the system to suit my needs. It helps me feel more focused and organized. I like crossing things off the list and writing a reflection on the day.

I subscribe to James Clear’s newsletter and the other day he touched on having a keystone habit. This is a habit that sets the tone for the day – a habit you do every day and keeps you moving forward. Interesting. I realized I could benefit from this. So, I’m trying to walk every morning. Wake  up, do a few things in the house, drink my lemon water and then out the door for what is right now a 4.2 km walk. I listen to podcasts and keep my head on a swivel. Time will tell if I can keep this up once the cold weather arrives.

Okay, well that’s really it. I’m kind of rambling here and don’t have anything much to say. Last Saturday I watched the Downton Abbey movie – highly entertaining. I did leave the movie with one very good message “I’ll be fine until I’m not“.

Sounds about right to me. No point in worrying or fretting. It will all be fine until it’s not. (Fingers crossed we’re not murmuring a variation of this on Tuesday morning after the Canadian election results….)


One thought on “Eyeball Count-Down Is On

  1. I understand completely why you’re wishing time away – I, too, am awaiting an identical experience, and as the date approaches, the “need” for improved vision escalates – somewhat irrationally, I think!

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