Why I’m Not Cycling Outside

I’m not cycling outside for one reason: risk.

Cycling is a sport that is wrapped up in a big blanket of risk. And  right now, I firmly believe that the best thing I can do to help myself and my community members is to mitigate risk.

So I’m not cycling outdoors.

There are two scenarios that are keeping me indoors, riding my bike in the basement:

  1. I get a flat tire, break a pedal, bike explodes, etc. – forcing me to interact with a stranger. Which then forces me to violate social distancing rules.
  2. I fall off my bike, get hit by a car, etc. –  forcing me to go to the hospital. Now I’m a drain on an already overburdened healthcare system, I’m willingly putting myself in a risky situation by exposing myself to seriously ill people, and I’m adding more stress to the healthcare professionals who are trying to look after the very sick.

Would I like to cycling outside right now? Heck yes! But, I can wait. And  I will wait until health officials tell us that we are safe.

But what if it is June and we’re still living under social distancing and essential services regulations? I’ll still be riding inside. I’ll still be cruising the streets of Watopia and watching NetFlix.

And I’ll still be safe. And I’ll know that I’m not adding to an already stressful and scary time by creating more risk.

This is why I’m not riding outside. I’m not telling you what to do. I’m telling  you what I’m doing. Everyone has to do what is right for them.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Cycling Outside

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