Silver Linings

My last post came from a place of struggle and frustration… Sometimes being honest and not sugar-coating life has its drawbacks.

I don’t want you coming to this site and always be reading about my frustration, illness, or downright anger. So, yes, things are not great with my lonely small intestine – but I’m doing just fine.

I’m working with a dietitian who specializes in working with people like me who have funky digestion. I’m finding foods that I can eat and don’t cause problems. Yes, I’d like to be eating the foods I could eat just a mere seven months ago – but eventually I’ll get back there.

I’m in a good place. And I’m very lucky to be in this place. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never take the small snippets of goodness for granted.

These micro moments slowly but surely add up to being big huge wins.

It’s kind of weird to realize the summer is almost over. What a summer it has been… I think that as challenging and downright depressing these past six months have been, it’s important to still see the good stuff.

More downtime. More reading. Swimming in the open water. Meeting some cool new people. Seeing the Ottawa Women’s Cycling Network Facebook group take off. Discovering new cycling routes. More time for sketching. Less doing and more being. Stronger connections.

I know that for many people this is a rotten time and I try to remember this when I’m out at the grocery store or simply driving the car. Just like the person standing too close to me doesn’t know what’s going on in my life – I don’t know what they’re dealing with.

Grace is a word that comes to mind frequently these days.

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