Confession: I’m Not Doing All The Things

I’m not doing all the things.

I’m not doing a self-guided yoga practice. I’m not getting in 10,000 steps a day. I’m not reading more. I’m not taking advantage of Zoom workouts and meet-ups. I’m not maximizing my time.

That’s right – I’m not the uber-productive, super motivated, goal-oriented person the online articles, podcasts, blogs, and social media posts say I can and should be during this pandemic.

When the middle of March came, a switch did not flip for me. I did not suddenly find hours of free time and devote this to self-development.

Nope. I kind of did the opposite. I wallowed and got bored. I couldn’t even binge watch all the shows (I already did this in the before times).

And here we are in October and I finally have the nerve to stand up and say “I‘m not a pandemic overachiever. I’m not doing all the things.”

I’m just doing what I can to stay sane and not think about the what if’s, should have been doing, could be doing, missing out on’s, and might never do agains.

I like to believe I’m not the only person who is growing weary of the super-motivated ideal that has been forced on us as a way to look on the “bright side of the pandemic” and to “find the silver linings“.

But who knows. If I trust the Internet, I’m the only person in the “not doing all the things and I’m okay with it” cool kids club.

And no, I don’t want to join your sourdough starter club or take lessons for a language I’ll likely never use since who knows when it will be safe to travel again. Thanks though.

(Written with a smile and a generally balanced outlook on life. I’m fine. Really. I am.)