‘Cross Happenings

It is still August but the ‘cross web sites are getting hot and so is the planning for the upcoming season.

Want to brush up on your ‘cross skills and meet some cool people at the same time:
Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross Camp is happening Sept. 5 – 7 in Northfield, Mass.

Live on the west coast? No problem, check out the Cycle-Smart ‘Cross Skills clinic in Boulder, Co.

Looking for race schedules so you can plan your season?
New England Cyclo-Cross series
MadCross Series
Chicago Cross Cup
Quebec Cyclo-Cross Series

Have you seen Cyclocross Magazine? If you’re a true ‘cross fan you have got to get your hands on the hottest ‘cross magazine going. In fact I’ve got four copies sitting here in my office. Want one and you’re in Ottawa? Email me! Better yet, subscribe online – you won’t regret it.
While you’re at the Cyclocross Magazine web site, be sure to sign up on the forums.

Barriers… Love ’em or hate ’em they’re a reality. Might as well just get out there and practice your technique. Check out this article on Mud and Cowbells to learn how to build your own barrier – all the other kids will be jealous.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome on the WWW. I love reading your comments so post away. Yes, I will post a picture of the Ottawa Cross kit. It is in final production right now so sit tight – it is coming.

I leave you today with this question: pre-clip before the barriers or not? I want to know what you think.

2 thoughts on “‘Cross Happenings

  1. Not sure why Ottawa doesn’t have it’s own cross camp?
    We have some excellent riders here and resources.
    Although I did not attend the weeknight training sessions RWR put on with Greg Rein last year, I find stuff like this truely amazing!
    Don’t think it cost anyone a cent and I’m sure there were tonnes of tips & hints kicked out free of charge!
    Should have more of those.

    Plus, we have the terrain here. Most of my riding is done in the gatineaus. Excellent terrain for cyclocross. Heck, can get in close to 100km worth of riding without ever touching a stitch of pavement. How cool is that!

    btw: good to see a site like this up. Ottawa lacks blogs and independent sites… I truely enjoy reading what others are up to.
    Please include links to other sites as you see fit
    (i.e. I typically check out some of the other riders in ottawa, always amazes me what they are up to. Heck, there is one young fella that rides 5 hours a day all winter!!!! just craziness! and, I thought I was crazy riding to/from work in the winter!)

  2. Also,
    Not sure if you folks are going to have some “grassroots” sort of events?

    like this winter event:

    Or, a night ride cyclocross event? How cool would that be!!!
    A 60-80km event held at night. Starting around 6pm and ending some place around 1am or so. Including in some of the hilly terrain we have available at our back door. We have the trails. We have some fantastic riders. Just need lights!
    Lights, yah can get them on sale (Jet, nightrider etc…) for about 300 bucks.

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