Training and Racing

Just got in from a great cyclo-cross training session. Me, the park, some flags and my homemade PVC piping barrier. The crisp cool air and the wet grass helped as well. I typically get out three to four times a week for cyclo-cross skills work. Depending on the location and company, these sessions vary from a hard paced “follow-the-leader” ride to more precision time spent with a small circuit.

Today I worked on uphill barrier dismounts, fast-paced downhill turns, and lots of twisting and turning in a flag grid. I set up a little circuit that allowed me to link together the key components of the session. I think this is a decent way to simulate a race scenario. Forced to deal with the speed and the thought process that is required.

It is amazing what can be accomplished in one focused hour of training. I find when training with a group, an hour isn’t adequate as the inevitable breaks and conversations happen. But don’t get me wrong – I love training with other people – I can learn from them and my limits are pushed.

How about you? What kind of training are you doing? Do you have some favorite drills you want to share?

In the racing front, here are some links to some upcoming races and series:

CrossVegas – the big show at Interbike.
North American Cyclocross Trophy – new for 2008 – 2009. So cool to see more of this.
Magog, Quebec race – this is a great race that a bunch of us from Ottawa did. The Quebec series is excellent and each race offers something different.

Yesterday a posted some links to some cyclo-cross camp… I am heading down to Mass. for the Cyclo-Smart Cyclo-Cross camp from Sept. 5 – 7. This will be the third year for me at this camp. If you are interested in the camp – have questions about it, want to hook up for a drive down – just send me an email. I always learn a lot at this weekend of ‘cross riding. The coaches are excellent. The environment is perfect.

That’s it for today. Sorry for the short post. I’m juggling a few balls in the air today! Keep the comments coming!

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