The pieces are falling into place. Clothing design finalized and clothing being produced. Team is currently being registered. Bikes are almost ready. New equipment is on order. Training is in full swing. Registration has already opened for early season races. Travel plans are being made. Injuries are a distant memory. Nutrition is dialed and the weight is good (uh, yah I did just eat Nutella straight from the jar…). Skills training is underway and progress is coming. The brain, well it is full.

This is where I am – in full flight of the big old head game. A head game that I’m playing with myself. Yes, I know dumb. Especially considering it is August. But, this is the way I am. Crazy and intense at times. Went for ‘cross ride with Steve and Marc yesterday. We played follow the leader for a while and then set up our grid on some gravel. This is where I unraveled. I quickly became frustrated because I couldn’t keep up with the guys and that my turning wasn’t perfect. Luckily Marc noticed my disintegration and dug me out of the hole. He reminded me that it was my first time working on turns in loose terrain and that the reason I wasn’t keeping up was simply because I was pedaling more slowly then he and Steve. At times like these, Marc has to be harsh with me. It is the only way to get through my thick head. Eventually I get so pissed off that I start listening and doing things correctly.

All this to say, that the brain is so important in athletic performance. When you’re going through your checklist for cyclo-cross season readiness – don’t forget to do a brain check. New for me this season are race plans. This is a “general” plan that allows me to block out my crazy brain on race day. I have things to focus on leading up to the race start and then during the race.

Here are some links that just might help your brain:

Summit Consulting

Additionally there are a number of excellent books out there:

Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons Of A Hardwood Warrior
Mistakes Worth Making

Here are some links I’ve come across in the last few days:

Fast Boy Cycles
Little Belgium Movie
Belgian Cyclo-Cross Championships
Laaste Ronde

That’s all for today. Have a good one. Make sure you get to BikeReg and start registering!

3 thoughts on “Ready?

  1. “Marc has to be harsh with me”
    I think Marc is harsh with everyone 🙂
    Marc reminds me of some National Geographic prof in cycling. He know his stuff and knows it well. Coaches have to be harsh. It leaves that stain on the brain. When times get tough (as during a race), its the stains on the brain that awaken and get yah moving.
    So, his harshness (in some sense), will benefit you in the long run.

  2. Hi,
    Just found your site. It’s great! This will be my second year racing CX. My goal this year is not be be an “unofficial barrier”, however we’ll see how that goes :).

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


  3. Seeing as this is the most up to date site I’ve found… I’m coming to Ottawa from Vancouver Sept 7-21, my cross bike is coming with me and we want to race. I cant find info on local races. Do you have any ideas. The site is very good by the way.
    Pat B

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