Thanks for the awesome feedback on the site. I really appreciate it. It is great to know that you find the site interesting and useful. Also greatly appreciated are the kind words about the clothing.

Don’t by shy – if you have a question to ask or a comment to post – go for it. The more chatter the better. Also, if you have a topic that you’d like to hear more about or think I’m missing some useful/hot/interesting cyclo-cross web sites/news/equipment/race – just let me know. The more input from you the better – this way I know what people want to read and talk about.

I’m racing this weekend – but on my road bike. Driving down to Binghamton, N.Y. tomorrow to race in the Chris Thater Memorial criterium. I don’t race until Sunday but Marc is racing on Saturday as well as Sunday. Should be a good weekend. Lots of racing action to take in and I’ll be able to hook up with lots of people I don’t get to see very often. I’ll be racing in The Cyclery kit this weekend, so if you see me out there – don’t be shy to stop me and say hello!

Picked up my Stevens Super Prestige from The Cyclery today. It has a hot new fork on it – a nice light carbon fork. Sweet. Thanks Vince – you rock. And a big shout out to Luke for his smiling face! I feel faster already! Can’t believe how fast the ‘cross season arrived this year. Seems to be coming earlier and earlier every season. Or maybe it is just that this year I’ve started preparing for it much earlier.

I registered for the Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross camp. A smooth weekend of ‘cross training/skills/drills combined with knowledgeable coaches and a solid group of camp participants. This will be my third season of driving down to Mass. for the camp. Believe me – it is worth the drive. Besides, I can stop in Burlington on the way to shop (I mean stretch my legs…).

Here is an international calendar for you to drool over (come on no time better than this year to head over to Belgium for some ‘cross action):

Team Raats Cyclo-Cross Team

I’m serious about Belgium. I’m going again. This will be my second season of racing in ‘cross in Belgium. If you have questions about the racing, accommodations, travel, transport – whatever – drop me an email or post in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Hey thanks for the shout out. Always fun when u guys come in. I’m gonna miss the family at the cyclery. It was a good summer and i am happy to have gotten the chance to be a part of the cyclery family. Good luck this season, and keep the rubber side down, that is the best advice ever for bike racing.

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