Ottawa Bicycle Club Cyclo-Cross Schedule

The cyclo-cross schedule you’ve been waiting for is now posted. Check out the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series.

This is an excellent race series run by some very dedicated volunteers. The OBC series is where I was first introduced to cyclo-cross. If you are looking for a welcoming and friendly race atmosphere – this is it. The courses are well laid out and are 100 per cent safe (no worries of crazy descents!). There is something for everyone in the Eastern Ontario Series.

Please go to the registration evenings at The Cyclery. This will make things much easier for everyone involved on race day.

Massive shout out to Bob, Cheryl, and Ian for organizing this series for us again this year. Remember to say thank-you after your race (and help out by picking up a few flags and barriers!).

Here’s to an awesome Ottawa series. My favorite part about this race series is the kids – I love watching the little guys zoom around the course and drag their bikes over the barriers. Definitely inspiring!

One thought on “Ottawa Bicycle Club Cyclo-Cross Schedule

  1. couple of us may be night riding and doing some gravel out in wakefield. More the welcome…

    I might give the cx racing a go this year. Previous years, I’ve been caught up in preparation for a stage race in Nov.

    There’s a great loop to be had on a cyclocross bike from mooneys through to riverside (great little single track in around McCarthy) then along the airport parkway. Follow it through and cross over hunt club to the rail line. Take the rail line until you hit the set of trails off Albion road. From there follow through (I forget the trail numbers) to Ramsayville road to Mer Bleu trails. That will take you through to Blackburn via Innes. Across from the jail house off Innes is a sweet set of single track trails leading through to gravel path to the Ottawa river. Take the gravel through to the bike path along the river then cut out at Lees avenue old rail bridge. The other side of the rideau river brings a sweet little path through to Carelton U. Take the Bronson bridge up and down to Riverside and cross over. Jump back on the bike path to mooneys.
    Cool little loop when yah don’t have time to head out anywhere else.

    Another loop is heading up Hunt club road till yah hit Jack Pine. Follow those trails through to Lime Kiln trail to 25. Follow it through to the orange trail to the gravel stuff heading towards Kanata. Some paved stuff yah have to take. Then hit into the kanata lake trails! (do it before the housing eats it all up though!). Good network for the winter time blues (end of nov-dec time as there isn’t much snow, knock on wood!)

    Grab your night lights and hit into the gats for some great after work fun and a hell of a workout! Up the 15 to the 1 down the 40 road to CF up the 4 down the 1 to 15 to 5 and head it home… great loop for the fall! Do it at night though as the fall brings the masses!

    We’ll most likely be heading it out via downtown to the 5 to the 15 cutting out on the parkway to the sweet little trail to Notch then road to the 36 to 50 to 52 then cutting out to wakfield. Hitting up the gravel to Low (dam). Then working the road back… Good weekend rides!
    Anyone interested… more the merry. Brings some grins, spins, and good dings!

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