Full Steam Ahead

Well, the 2008 road racing season is now over for me. On to the 2008-2009 cyclo-cross racing season. If the ‘cross season is as good as the road season was – well I’ll be thrilled. The road season was a good one. I made some big strides with my fitness, my race sense, and the caliber of races. I got to meet a lot of cool people. An excellent year. Am I satisfied? I think so…

I’m the type of person who is never really satisfied. I always want more out of myself. If I’m third then I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I could have been first. If I’m first then I spend even more time trying to figure out how I could have been first in a more convincing manner. This attitude is good and bad. It is good to always “want more” but this on the flipside, it is important to “be happy” with what I’ve done. Tricky.

In the coming days, I’m planning to post some more pictures to the site. Just need to figure out the best way to do this (I’m new to WordPress).

Lots of time on the ‘cross bike now and even more time on the road bike fine-tuning the fitness. Canadian ‘cross nationals are super early this year – Oct. 11 in Edmonton, Alberta. So I don’t have many chances to race beforehand. This means lots of time spent drilling it on the bike trying to get that ‘cross racing edge.

Here are some videos to get you amped for the season:

2008 World Cyclo-Cross Championships:

2008 World Cup in Hoogerheide, Netherlands:

Overijse (I did this race!):

2 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead

  1. No I’m not in the clip. This is a clip of the men’s race. But I can attest to the slipperiness of the course! Check out the fans – amazing – all out for a cyclo-cross race. And that day was on of the coldest we had in Belgium. Some of the women raced with shoe covers! My favorite was the tinfoil wrapped water bottles! Hope you like the videos.

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