Feeling It

Dudes, I just had one of the best training sessions of the season. Hit up Mooney’s Bay with Marc and Steve. Our solid training group. We played follow the leader and I managed to actually follow! I did get gapped in the sand but, at least I managed to ride the entire sand section. Cool.

After our “warm-up” the guys set up the grid on the side of a hill. The idea was to practice turning on the camber while maintaining speed and control. Smooth. I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say that we all made some decent progress. I learned a few more things. Tested my limits again.

Also realized (a little late) that my tire pressure was a tad low… But I still managed to turn at speed with the slushy front tire. Cool.

I tell you there is nothing better than seeing and feeling the progress. Leaves me with a glowing feeling.

Heading down to Northfield, Mass. for the Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross camp tomorrow. Looks like a good group of people this year. Some solid instructors. Good location. I’m happy to be going. Smooth weekend of drills, skills, learning, new people, and old friends. Plus an overnight stop in Burlington on the way home. I think Moe’s might be on the menu for Sunday night…

The time is now to get the bike out and start doing some riding. The first races of the season will be here before you know it. It seems that people are getting out on their ‘cross rigs earlier and earlier each year. Tied to this is the incredible growth in cyclo-cross.

Grassroots is where it is. Every national champion has to start somewhere.

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