Ottawa ‘Cross Action

Here is the latest scoop on the latest Ottawa ‘Cross action….

Ride with Rendall will be hosting some ‘cross events that you don’t want to miss out on:

FREE cyclo-cross clinics Wednesdays until the clocks change (then the times and locations might change) starting September 10th at Britannia Beach at 5.30. For more details check out the Ride with Rendall web site.

– cyclo-cross “immersion” clinic September 19-22 . This will be a 4 day clinic (schedule to be announced) for those wanting to get some extra instructions. Fees for RWR members will be $60, non-RWR members will be $75, Under-17 riders are free. To register, please email Glen.

I’d say these are some events not to be missed. I’ll be out at the ‘cross clinics on Wednesday night for sure. Unfortunately I have a wedding and can’t make it to the ‘cross clinic. But I’m pretty sure that you’re free that weekend. It should be noted that Glen is a very experienced ‘cross racer and did spend some time in Switzerland last year learning from of the leaders in cyclo-cross coaching.

I’ll see you out there next Wednesday. And it would be great if someone would write a report about the ‘cross clinic – we’ll post it up here on the site.

Thanks to Ride with Rendall for organizing these events. Grass roots is where its at.

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