Cyclelogik Cyclo-cross Clinic

Thanks to Sheri Jay we have a report on the cyclo-cross clinic she attended this past weekend in Ottawa. Thanks Sheri for the clinic report!

I enjoyed a weekend cross clinic under the instruction of Greg Reain and have to say I learned a lot. So much so that I hope he does a refresher course in a few weeks as I am worried I may forget some of it. Every one who attended was a newbie to ‘cross other than myself and one other person who had started last year.

The Friday night session was a classroom setting where Ian Fraser and Greg Reain went over equipment, training methodology and a bit of strategy. I learned my first big nugget of information here which in itself made the whole weekend worthwhile. Greg indicated you should pre-ride the course and break it up into segments where you can go hard and then rest a bit. Last year I always pre-rode but thought the reason was to warm up. I would then go as hard as I could until I blew up so this little piece of info is a gem.

Saturday and Sunday was hands on and I relearned to dismount the right way as well as sand riding, shouldering the bike, off camber riding, barriers etc. The shouldering of the bike was hard to master but in the end I got it. The sand riding was a blast. Greg told us to steer with our upper bodies which none of us did until we watched him demonstrate again once there were lots of ruts and you could see how he very obviously leaned to one side to steer the bike. We finished off the weekend by riding up the crazy steep hill at Mooney’s Bay which was my suggestion and once I was half way up I wondered why I would request something like that. All in all I would say the clinic was a success and Greg was an excellent teacher.

This week Glen Rendall’s Wednesday night clinic begins which I will be attending in hopes of learning as much as possible and thus being as smooth as possible for this ‘cross season.

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