Rolling Along

I made my way to Brittania Beach last night for the Ride with Rendall cyclo-cross training night. I’m super happy I went. A great group of people – all skill levels and club affiliations met in the upper parking lot. We warmed up by playing a bit of follow the leader.

Then we hit the uphill barrier and downhill turning section. After watching us go through for a few times, Glen separated us into two groups. One group went to the flat barrier to work on dismounting and mounting skills. The second group stayed at the uphill barrier – focusing on a fast dismount, fast feet on the run-up, a quick remount and then maintaining speed and fluidity in the downhill turning section. After a while, the groups switched stations – allowing everyone to practice the different skills.

I’d have to say this was a very welcoming environment. Everyone was out to learn, to test their limits a bit, and to have fun. Glen did most of the instruction, but other experienced racers and technical riders also helped out with advice and suggestions. I’d say that everyone learned something and left with a smile.

Marc and I followed up this training session with our morning ‘cross ride at Mooney’s with Steve. Another excellent session. Some follow the leader – always challenging – maintaining speed (i.e. keeping up with the boys), making the turns, and pushing my fear limits. Then it was onto drills. The grid on a side of a hill combined with some tight turns around trees and we were set. Another good morning on the ‘cross bike.

This weekend holds some solid training on the road bike followed up with some skills work. I really like to get out on my ‘cross bike as much as possible. These aren’t always hard and fast sessions. Rather they are a chance for me to practice the basics and to work on “key” ‘cross skills.

Well, I’m out of here. The day job beckons. Lots on the go these days. We are looking into flights for our trip to Belgium. If you’re thinking of heading over and need a place to stay, drop me an email.

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