‘Cross Racing Has Started

The first races in the FQSC series started yesterday. You can check out the results and the complete schedule here.

Things are starting to hot up now on the ‘cross scene. Funny how the crispness in the air arrived at just the right time for ‘cross. Lets hope it stays a little bit cooler – racing ‘cross in 20 celsius is not fun. I want overcast and rain!

By the sounds of things, the Ottawa ‘cross series is going to be super popular again this year. Remember to help make things easier for everyone, go to the early registration night on Sept. 23 and 24 at The Cyclery.

A few people from Ottawa are heading down to Michigan next weekend to get some racing in. Long drive, but if you’re on a UCI points chase, the drive is worth it. I won’t be there – my little bro is getting married. But, what would be cool is a race report from someone who is going down to race. Any volunteers?

The next big show is Cross Vegas. A very tempting place to go race. I’ll be honest, I had thought about going. But the travel, the expense, etc. – didn’t make it worth it for me. Maybe next year.

I’ll be racing Sept. 27 and Sept. 28 in Vermont. Stoked for this. I’m looking forward to racing and testing myself. Not to mention hanging out with Marc, Steve, and Josee at the races and hooking up with some of our ‘cross racing pals from the New England. Should be a good weekend. Burlington is a good place to hang out as well.

Looks like we’ll be doing the entire Verge series this year (with the exception of Gloucester…). Yep – Gloucester and the Canadian Nationals are on the same weekend. Not cool. I love racing at Gloucester. The courses are awesome. The organization is top notch. The venue is beautiful. It is simply a rip-roaring good time. Ah well, we’ll be in Edmonton, Alberta racing. (Hopefully without any snow!)

Well, I’ll almost finished my tea here so it is time to start getting ready for the first ride of the day. On deck is a little 2.5 hour endurance ride. Later this afternoon, Marc and I will go out on the ‘cross bikes for some skills and drills.

I’m curious to know if you do any specific skills practice? If so, what are your favorite drills? I know some of you are into “secret” ‘cross training where you don’t want to tell anyone what you’re doing – but for those of you who are into sharing – tell us what you like to do.

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