New England Verge Series – Race #1

Got the first race of the season done. Check out the race reports page for details on my race.

It was a great day at the races. Got to see lots of people. Got to cheer on Marc, Steve, Rob, and Craig. Chilled out with Josee – sipping tea and reading Oprah mag. Got to race. Flashed the new skinsuit all over the course. Crashed into a big rock – thanks Keirnan for the tegaderm!

Chilling out in the hotel after a great meal cooked by Steve and Josee. I’ve got a new favorite – turkey burgers from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook.

The bikes worked flawlessly. Thanks to Steve at The Cyclery for the fine mechanics and support. Shout out to Vince for setting me up with a spare bike for the season.

Super awesome to have the new Kingsbridge jackets and jerseys to wear warming up and after the race. Thanks Skip and the gang at Kingsbridge.

An excellent day! Great weather. Good friends. Great fans. Good organization. Solid announcers. So looking forward to tomorrow. Man, I love cyclo-cross.

Oh, can’t forget Coach Steve! Without his hard work I wouldn’t have had the ride today that I did. Thanks Steve.

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