New England Verge Series – Race #2

Check out race reports for the stories of the day.

Another excellent day at the Catamount park. Good organization. Challenging course. Lots of spectators. Top notch announcers. Smiling faces. Fun times were had by all.

We made it home this evening at around 10:00 – not to bad considering my race ended at 3:15. We had an easy drive home – fueled by Moe’s and Sbucks.

An excellent weekend and a great way to kick off the cyclo-cross season. I’m pretty happy with how I’m riding right now and I’m stoked to see how I improve as we settle into the season.

The bikes worked out great. Clothing was good. Nutrition was spot on. Recovery was good (I actually did a cool-down both days and remembered to drink my recovery drink). Discovered a new favorite Clif bar flavor: Banana Nut Bread (try it – you won’t be disappointed).

So now it is time for bed. Hope you had a good weekend as well. Looking forward to hearing about the OBC race.

See you on Wednesday at Brittania Beach for some skills and drills.

Seize the day.

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