From Sheri Jay

My pal Sheri Jay is a huge cyclo-cross fanatic. She has embraced the sport of ‘cross with her whole being and is really getting into the training and racing. Last year was her first season racing ‘cross. I remember seeing her before the race – she was pretty nervous but excited to give it a go. That first season wasn’t easy – racing ‘cross on a mountain bike and trying to figure things out. But Sheri stuck with it.

This year she has an even stronger drive – soaking up all she can about ‘cross. She has taken every ‘cross clinic she can, asks lots of questions and really is having fun doing it. I love seeing this kind of drive and passion. Reminds me what I love so much about cyclo-cross – it really does bring out the best in people.

Sheri participated in the Ride with Rendall cyclo-cross immersion clinic over the Sept. 19 – 22 weekend and raced her first race of the season yesterday at Britannia Beach. Here is a clinic report followed by a race report from Sheri:

Glen Rendall held a Cross “Immersion” Clinic on Sept 19-22nd to help people prepare for the fall Cross Season. I have to say this was an incredibly comprehensive clinic as it ran for 4 days and covered 3 different OBC racing venues. Friday night there was a skills evaluation and then Glen went right into teaching at Britania. The Saturday class was also at Britania folowed by Sunday in Almonte for a more technical skills session and Monday at Mooney’s Bay where we had the pleasure of working in the sand. There was a great turnout of all different skill levels. We worked on every skill imaginable and I left on Monday feeling confident in my technical skills. Glen really put a lot of time and effort into this clinic and at every session had set up barriers and flags to mimic real race situations.

Yesterday was the first OBC Cross Race at Britania and I felt calm and confident after so much practice with Glen at this exact venue. When the race started all the skills and learning kicked in and my racing was much improved from last year. Actually I realized I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing last year. Yesterday’s conditions were very wet and slippery due to all the rain we have had and there were a lot of slide outs in both races. As usual there was a huge turnout of every age, skill and bike imaginable. I most enjoy watching the children giving it a go. A reporter friend of mine came out to one of Glen’s classes and her take on Cyclocross is that it is like being a kid again so maybe that is what we all love so much about this sport.

Thanks so much Sheri for the clinic review and race report. Much appreciated. If you see Sheri out at a ‘cross race – don’t be shy to stop her and say hello – you won’t find a more friendly person out there racing her bike. Wow – gotta love this Ottawa ‘cross scene – so solid.

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