This and That

Thanks for the kind comments and emails regarding my bike incident on Monday. I’ve been out for two rides since and I’m relieved to say that the knee is doing just fine. No pain while riding. There is some pain when it gets stiff and as well the bruising is starting to come out. But really, there is no issue.

Got in a solid interval work-out yesterday. One of my fave work-outs – really gets the legs and lungs acheing. Today I went out bright and early for an easy two hour endurance ride. Nice way to spin out the legs and feel some recovery time. Certainly was a bit brisk. Ah well, soon enough there will be snow on the ground! (Hopefully we’ll have left for Belgium before seeing snow here in Ottawa!)

Thought you might find this article interesting. Thanks to Sheri for sending it to me. Cyclocross Racing Tips

Reminer about the Ride with Rendall training session this evening. Same time and place. I won’t be out – got some bikes and clothes to pack up. Have fun. Learn lots.

The living room is a shambles right now with the “to take pile”, the “might take pile”, the “to be folded pile”, and the “what the heck is this pile”… Sigh. Ah well, I’ve got a bunch of lists so we are organized (at leat on paper).

The three of us: myslef, Marc and Fearless Leader fly out tomorrow morning to Edmonton. Lucky for us, my dad is coming out to Edmonton so he is going to pick us up with his super truck. Thanks dad! Looking forward to the trip. Psyched to be racing. Bonus is we get to hang out with Shaun – a super guy we met in Belgium last year. Maybe even a trip to the West Edmonton Mall – I was last there in the ’80s – suppose it isn’t as fantastic as I remember it.

Okay, I best be off. I’ve got some work to do. Some appointments. And the packing…

Send me some speedy vibes 2:00 Edmonton, Alberta time on Saturday. I’ll post while in Edmonton – let you know about the race course, etc. Thanks for the encouragement and suppot. Can’t do this alone.

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