Chilling in Edmonton

Very uneventful flight and travel today. This is a good thing. Flight was smooth. Everything made it on (thanks Dave M.). We were well-equipped with food for the flight so we didn’t get sucked into the bad and expensive plane food.

Loaded up my dad’s truck with seven bikes and some assorted bags. All was good – it was a tight squeeze but this probably saved the bikes from flying out of the back on one tight corner! Grabbed some lunch and then the boys built bikes. I offered to help, but…

Anyway, we rode over to Argyle Park – dug up a course map and rode around what we “think” is the course. Hard to know. Nothing is marked and these things change over night. Anyway, it was good to get the legs moving – test out some tires and just be out in the fresh air.

One thing to say about the terrain – dry, short grass. If it stays dry (please no snow!) then it will be a super fast day. The course is open for riding on Friday at 4:00 so we’ll roll over then to check it out.

I’m sticking to coach Steve’s advice and I vow not to do too much tomorrow. Five laps maximum. I’m also staying mindful of Nick’s advice to not get to wrapped up in the course discussions. Just need to wait – ride it, fine-tune sections then do a good pre-ride on Saturday. A lot will change between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.

For some interesting reading, check out Zone of Excellence. Some good reading. Thanks Nick for the pointer.

Okay, stomachs are rumbling – time for some food and then a trip to the grocery store. I’ll post up tomorrow night with more. Thanks very much for the emails and support – it is really appreciated.

Hope you are getting into a good Thanksgiving weekend. Have some pumpkin pie for me.

Massive shout out to Ross for driving us to the airport this morning. Thanks so much Ross.

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