Rolling Along

Just in from a great ride on the road. Monday for me is all about recovery. I don’t really have much to recover from, since I didn’t race yesterday. But, I’m anticipating a heavy week of intervals so I did the recovery anyway. Smooth little 90 minute spin on some of my favorite roads in the south end of the city.

My mood definitely perked up once I was on my bike and getting away from it all. No computer. No deadlines. Just me, my bike, some tunes and the crisp air. Pretty lucky. Typically when I’m out riding, I write. That’s correct. I write. In my head. I write blog posts. I write magazine articles. I write emails. I write technical documentation. Guess this is what writers do. I presume that if I was a song writer, I’d be writing songs in my head.

But sadly, by the time I’m in the door, had some glutamine, hopped in the shower and sat down in front of the computer, I’ve forgotten it all. Sigh. This is endemic I suppose of a busy brain. But, today is different. Today I’ve remembered a few things I wanted to write about on this here web site.

Kalmthout, Belgium – World Cup. The first world cup of the season was yesterday. Canada only had one rider in the race. Wendy Simms. And she rode super well – to finish 8th. Pretty darn impressive. I’ve got to say that Wendy is one of the most approachable and friendly racers out there. She is always smiling and has time for everyone. I’m sure there are times when she’d just like to crank up the tunes and pretend that people aren’t staring at her while she is spinning out her legs after a race. Definitely an excellent role model for all us racers out there. What I find most impressive is that she always wants to know how “your race went”. Smooth. Classy. Also have to send a shout out to Sue Butler. I met Sue briefly last year in Belgium. She is super inspiring to me. She is doing it. Pro. Living the dream. Setting big goals and chasing them. Sue wrote about her race in Kalmthout on her blog. She had a solid ride to finish 14th.

To read a report from Kalmthout, filed by Christine Vardaros (who was the victim of some bad luck but rallied to finish 30th), check out CX Magazine.

So, that’s what I wanted to write about. Glad I remembered it.

As soon as photos are available from the Kingston race, I’ll be sure to post them on the Photos page.

Not much else to report on right now. Sorry – just a quiet Monday here at the Ottawa Cross headquarters. November will be busy – lots of travel. Lots of great racing. I’m enjoying this little travel break. Gives me time to hang out at home, re-connect with friends, chase Murphy (grey cat) around the house, and just chill. Though, this being said – I can’t wait to get on the plane on Dec. 9 and fly to Belgium. Sweet!

2 thoughts on “Rolling Along

  1. hey christine

    thanks for the comment. we’re flying over on dec. 10. we should hook up for a ride. we’re staying in blauberg. good luck this weekend in tabor. (stay away from 16 year olds…)


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